Our Company

Who we are

As the established expert in market research data for Asian brands, Total Research Solutions & Retail Tracking compliments decision making to drive business results.

Using thorough consumer and B2B data collection, robust panel sampling via a variety of methods, recommendations on sample selection, integrated data solutions, and unique methodologies make us a partner you can count on.

Our operations began in 2007 as a data collection agency and has now become a full-fledged Retail Audit and Analytics company.  We have a team of consultants that provide professional service and in-depth analysis of reports.


Our Services

As a Data-on-Demand business we provide quick turn-around for research data requests.  We have the capability to conduct ad hoc studies and build universe database via census. 

Our expertise is in Retail Sales Monitoring (RSM) of consumer durables such as Television, Airconditioner, Washing Machine, Refrigerators, Smartphones and IT products.

We also provide people counting solutions for large and small spaces such as malls and airports.  The technology can determine foot traffic, gender and age for a more accurate visitor information.

Online Advantage and Protection

Brands encounter negative comments online but most troll messages are created by competitor brands to disrupt your business and marketing campaigns.

TRSR is able to provide a call center solution that is specialized and focused in social media brand protection.  We are able to counter trolls, address negative feedback and reach out to both dissatisfied and happy consumers. 

We shall become your online support complimenting sales, marketing and after sales support.


Marketing Support

Beyond market research we have Product Reviews, Social Media Protection Coverage as well as Brand and Marketing Activation through UnboxGuru.Com.